Sunday, July 15, 2012

Thursday Morning: The Fly Out

Mel Hemann and Joe McCaffrey standing in front
of Joe McCaffrey's Cardinal RG

 Jack Fitzgerald and his Grumman AA5-A 

Allen Corrigan and Skyhawk N6172D

John Hemann (barely visible on the left,) and Mel Hemann 
preparing for final departure.
Mike Mikstay on the right.

Mel's RV taxiing to the run up area.

Mel passing by on the way to the run up area.

Bill Boyle's Skyhawk.   Getting ready for departure.

Mike Mikstay on the left with Bill Boyle.

Taken by Allen from Skyhawk N6172D at 
6,000 feet MSL over Bradford, New York.

Insturment panel at 6,000 feet MSL.
OBS shows off course, but that's due to a turn in process 
over the "zone of confusion."

Allen on the way home.

A little navigational assistance from a handheld GPS.

Somewhere enroute from Corning to Medina.

Passing Youngstown Airport at 6,000 feet MSL.

Back safely in the hanger.